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The Project » history
In the initial phases of LEGEMís development process, the project gained momentum thanks to a large number of companies engaged in the whole gamut of construction related areas (urban and building planning, engineering firms, manufacturers of construction material, manufacturers of equipments and machinery for construction materials, suppliers of infrastructure solutions for energy, mobility, water treatment, and certification and inspection bodies specializing in this sector). It also received the full support from Confindustria, the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) and the Embassy of Italy in India. Thanks to this coming together of various players, it will be possible to start a dialogue with Indian institutions and entrepreneurs to define an Indo-Italian partnership that will result in the realization of LEGEM, thus ensuring that our companies get a significant share of the work and creating an ideal window for promoting our excellence in India.   
09 December 2010 | Founding of the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building
22-24 March 2011 | Sector study tour by Confindustria in India
08 June 2011 | The idea of innovating the delegation’s program
July - September 2011 | The LEGEM concept is born
01 and 03 November 2011 | Presenting LEGEM in India
06 February 2012 | Protocol of Understanding between Confindustria and Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
02 April 2012 | Protocol of Understanding of G.I.C. LEGEM
15 June 2012 | Launch of LEGEM website
September 2012 – March 2013 | Location and partnership in India
30 March 2013 | Brand registration
12 June 2013 | Round Table in Rome to present LEGEM Vision
05-06 September 2013 | Meeting with Developers & Scenario Workshop
10 October 2013 | Certification "Make It Sustainable"
12 October 2013 | Publication of LEGEM Guidelines for Urban Planning (GUP)
14-17 October 2013 | Roadshow and 1to1 meetings with partners/stakeholders in Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai
25 October 2013 | Visits to companies in New Delhi
7-8 November 2013 | Visits to companies in Bangalore
18-30 November 2013 | Roadshow Follow up meetings
11-12 November 2013 | 2nd Meeting DMIDC in Delhi
18-19 November 2013 | Seminar: “The challenges of Mumbai as a Mega-City, a way forward with EU” in Mumbai, in collaboration con EU Delegation to India and Mumbai First
20 November 2013 | Meeting with Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Society in Mumbai
22 November 2013 | Meeting with Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation a Mumbai
25-26 November 2013 | Meetings on the occasion of the Ambassador of Italy’s Delegation to Gujarat
5 March 2014| Institutional meetings in Bangalore
7 March 2014| Institutional meetings in Chennai
1-2 July 2014| Institutional meetings in Hyderabad
5 August 2014| Visits to site locations in Karnataka
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