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The LEGEM project - acronym for Living Space, Energy, Governance, Environment, Mobility & Network - is an Italian proposal for creating in India, a city that is different from the current urban development model prevalent in the country. LEGEM aims at combining the key elements of “Made in Italy” in the world: aesthetics and Italian style, quality of life, balance between residential spaces, commercial/industrial and green spaces, environmental and social sustainability, and will involve outstanding Italian companies operating along the entire supply chain in the field of construction in order to realize the project.
The idea of LEGEM was conceived due to the awareness that the Indian construction market presents enormous difficulties for those who wish to operate alone, and requires a combined effort where companies and institutions work in an integrated manner, as per their individual capacities, to contribute to the opening up of the Indian market. LEGEM aims to become a symbol and a showcase of Italian know-how and capabilities of Italian companies to work together to foster the penetration in India of a higher number of companies operating along the entire supply chain in the field of construction.
LEGEM has been envisioned as an innovative model to promote Italian industry in the Indian construction sector. The success of this project could eventually allow Italian companies to seize the potential offered by the Indian market by creating a general framework of reference that encourages the internationalization of Italian companies and helps in building the image of Italy in India.
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