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Rete F.I.V.E.
F.I.V.E 5 is a network of five companies – Sagicofim, Union Foam, Cidat, Effebi and Lombarda Filtri – in the HVAC sector. Their long-term experience in this field has enabled them to create links between their manufacturing units and R&D Laboratories to combine technological expertise. By presenting themselves as a single entity in the international arena, they have optimized their distribution networks. By continuous research into technologies aimed at Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Public Health (I.A.Q), the F.I.V.E 5 Network demonstrates its commitment to Designers and Specifiers by combining know-how in maintaining a high quality indoor working environment and calling upon the production capacities of each company when required. This integrated approach enables the Network to offer a wide range of solutions to Air Conditioning, Thermal Insulation, Filtration and Acoustic problems across many types of commercial buildings and industrial plants.
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