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Progetto CMR
Progetto CMR is an architectural consultancy firm skilled in Architectural and Building Services Engineering integrated design, set up by professional consultants experienced in Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Design, Urban Planning, Building Service Design, Health & Safety Management, Process Management and Industrial Design.
Its headquarters are in Milan, while other offices are in Rome, Beijing, Tianjin, Athens, Barcelona, Chennai, Dubai, Istanbul, Mexico, Prague and Sao Paulo. Progetto CMR is the Italian member of European Architects Network.
It (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified) is structured in the following departments: Architecture (Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Design, Urban Planning); Engineering (M&E and data system design); Safety Management (Health & Safety and Fire Prevention); Process Management (project management, start-up, technical outsourcing or post-occupancy activities); Industrial Design (design and development of furnishings and fittings).
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