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Protocol of Understanding of G.I.C. LEGEM
The first core group of companies (many of whom participated in both the missions in 2011) decides to formalize the mutual commitment to collaborate in realizing LEGEM. The Protocol of Understanding is signed in the office of Confindustria in Rome in the presence of representatives of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and of Confindustria. Thus G.I.C. (Group of Constituent Companies) is born.  It must be emphasized that by signing this agreement, each company is committed to providing resources and know-how to others so as to work together to fine-tune the Strategic Plan Guidelines Document (DISP) which will include the operational objectives of LEGEM, but most importantly the inputs for carrying out the successive phases of the project's cycle (feasibility study, preliminary project, executive project). Another key point of the Protocol of Understanding is the willingness of companies to provide support on the basis of their specific and complementary competences to be able to make a greater impact on the Indian interlocutors. This point is the concrete proof of the willingness of the companies to become part of an economic project capable of acquiring an important slice of the Indian market.
Protocolof Understanding between Confindustria and 
Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Encouraged by the first core group of companies, Confindustria and the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry sign a Protocol of Understanding aimed at promoting the LEGEM project amongst Indian and Italian institutions, qualified Italian companies and interested third parties and supervise the implementation of the LEGEM project (till the constitution of an Italian Special Purpose Vehicle).
Presenting LEGEM in India
The LEGEM concept is presented to the Indian public in October - November 2011 in New Delhi and Chennai on the occasion of the Economic Mission organized by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development, in collaboration with Confindustria, ABI and Unioncamere, and with the operational support provided by the Chamber through the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB). The institutional and private Indian interlocutors show keen interest in the concept and, thanks to the feedback received, a first core group of companies make a strong demand to follow up on the work done and launch an ambitious project also involving the Italian institutions.
The LEGEM concept is born
Formation of a team under the coordination of the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (Mr. Cesare Saccani) and by FGTecnopolo (Mr. Antonio Gnisci) who begin to work on the idea launched in June. The result is LEGEM, acronym for Living Space, Energy, Governance, Environment, Mobility & Network, key themes of a city that is sustainable and attentive to the needs of individual beings.
The idea of innovating the delegation’s program
In a meeting between the companies that participated in the Study Tour, along with the active support of Confindustria, the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) - through the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB) - and SIMEST, the idea of defining an ambitious project is conceived in view of the launch of the next Economic Mission to India: to present the idea of a city based on the best of the Italian construction industry so as to heighten the interest of the Indian interlocutors and media towards the participating companies part of the delegation. 
Sector study tour by Confindustria in India
To enhance understanding of the business opportunities for Italian companies in the Indian infrastructure and construction sector, Confindustria, in collaboration with ANCE, Federprogetti and SIMEST, with the support of the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB), organizes a business delegation comprising of 15 companies who visit the cities of New Delhi and Mumbai for business and institutional meetings and hold roundtable talks with Indian companies and institutions operating in this sector. At the end of the tour the delegation agrees on the necessity to emphasize more on presenting Italian excellence during future missions.
Founding of the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building
The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI), with the support of the Italian Embassy in India, creates the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB) whose mission is “to lead Indian and Italian organizations in creating business opportunities and promoting the establishment of partnerships (consortia, joint ventures, etc) in the Infrastructure, Construction and Building Materials sector”. Italian and Indian construction and infrastructure companies interested in creating and developing business opportunities join the Club right from its inception.
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